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Employee Engagement and Benefit Services

Without exception, at the foundation of every highly successful school are a team of highly engaged employees. When employees are recognized and engaged with a human touch they are not only aligned with the school’s goals, mission and objectives, they achieve important workplace milestones and performance benchmarks.

Engaged employees work harder, are more productive, and most important, feel successful and emotionally connected to the organization. Employee success and business success are inextricably linked.

Yet most schools lack formalised, structured, and transparent employ benefit and support services that continually support an employee in their workplace.

As the school business environment becomes increasingly competitive, employees will have more choices. If they are not engaged emotionally with your school, they will leave—especially a school’s A-list teachers and staff. That’s why we the team at Sankalp Smart School are so passionate about our mission and hence have partnered with teams to bring in a list of extremely important services including mundane tasks. These include electric bill payments, ticket booking services, pest control, housekeeping services, to extremely important services like financial planning services, nursing services, legal support services, organizing family functions and events, etc. – a host of over 50+ services required by any household provided to the employee at their work place, freeing the individual from the worry and tension of home needs to be attended to and helping the individual provide complete undivided attention to work place requirements.

We understand the importance of the feeling “My School Cares about Me” and the connection between employee engagement, customer happiness, and business success.

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Applications are open for schools to enrol and qualify for the Sankalp -Microsoft Innovative Schools Program in India.
Last date for completion of all qualifications and enrolment requirements for the current drive is 31st Dec, 2016.