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Sankalp-Microsoft Innovative Schools Program


Research shows that innovative teaching practices, supported using Information Communication Technology (ICT) in the classroom strongly predict students’ acquisition of 21st century skills.

While most of the education products in the market today are aids to teach existing curriculum with a false assumption “we need to teach better, what we teach today”. Extracting full learning return from technology investment would require more than mere introduction of technology and software resources with the curriculum. Today with the rapid changes in technology and its impact on the new generation has necessitated a fresh look at the Training needs and education models within the schools globally especially on Technology.

The Unesco ICT Competency Framework for Teachers

Technology Literacy Knowledge Deepening Knowledge Creation
Understanding ICT in Education Technology Literacy Policy Understanding Policy Innovation
Curriculum and Assessment Integrated Technology Knowledge Application Knowledge Society Skills
Pedagogy Basic Tools Complex Problem Solving Self Management
ICT Standard Classroom Complex Tools Pervasive Tools
Organisation and Administration Digital Literacy Collaborative Groups Learning Organisations

The Framework is arranged in three different approaches to teaching (three successive stages of a teacher's development). The first is Technology Literacy, enabling students to use ICT in order to learn more efficiently. The second is Knowledge Deepening, enabling students to acquire in-depth knowledge of their school subjects and apply it to complex, real-world problems. The third is Knowledge Creation, enabling students, citizens and the workforce they become, to create the new knowledge required for more harmonious, fulfilling and prosperous societies.

UNESCO's Framework emphasizes that it is not enough for teachers to have ICT skills and be able to teach them to their students. Teachers need to be able to help the students become collaborative, problem-solving, creative learners through using ICT so they will be effective citizens and members of the workforce.

Innovative teaching practices, along with access to technology, help students acquire 21st-century skills1. Students who have 21st-century skills are better able to keep pace in school and meet challenges they are likely to face in the increasingly technology-driven world of work.

Sankalp-Microsoft Innovative Schools Program

Microsoft has been working with hundreds of thousands of schools across the world over the last decade in helping schools transform.

Sankalp- Microsoft Innovative Schools Program is a unique program by Sankalp Smart School for K12 Schools in association with Microsoft which helps School Management and teachers to empower you lead learning innovation, teach your students through exploration and build future ready skills.

Providing access to an integrated set of technology & innovative learning solutions, this program modernizes school campuses, drives transformation for enhanced learning experiences and prepares future-ready students.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Windows Education Upgrade.
  • O365 Campus Licence for the entire computer labs @School.
  • O365 Student Licence for School Students personal computers/devices.
  • O365 Teacher Licence for Teachers personal computers/devices.
  • Academic pricing for Microsoft Devices.
  • Microsoft empowered training sessions for Educators.
  • App Development Club @School mentored by experienced professionals.
  • Access to global curriculum on developer skills.
  • Global Certification for students from Certiport and Microsoft.
  • Participation for Students in various National and Global IT Championships – App Development, ICT Junior Championships, Game Application Development, MOS World Championships, etc.
  • Microsoft Certified Educator Certification for Teachers – (Certification aligned to UNESCO ICT Framework for Teachers).
  • Microsoft Certified Innovative Educator Programs for Teachers.
  • Student Associate Engagement from Microsoft.
  • MineCraft Education – Learn through Gaming.
  • Microsoft Imagine Academy
  • Microsoft Certification Testing Centre through Certiport@ School.
  • Access to Education Apps from Microsoft.
  • Recognition from Microsoft as a Microsoft Program Partner School.

Apply your school today .

Applications are open for schools to enrol and qualify for the Sankalp -Microsoft Innovative Schools Program in India.
Last date for completion of all qualifications and enrolment requirements for the current drive is 31st Dec, 2016.