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Teachers Training Academy


Technology is changing the way classrooms operate and students learn at an incredible rate. The benefits of educational technology are clear. Technology can provide students with individualized learning platforms and instant feedback and assessment. It also allows teachers to more easily identify and address individual student needs.

The highest performing countries in educational achievement -- Finland, Sweden, Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea -- have all make extensive teacher training a priority. Again, this illustrates the strong, positive relationship between well-executed teacher training and high-level student learning.

The need for professional development extends beyond simply helping teachers become familiar with the basics of the technology. It requires an ongoing program to support, encourage and inspire teachers to explore the possibilities of technology while providing the necessary resources to transition to digital curriculum.

Highly skilled teachers are one of the single most important influences on student success. Class size and other salient variables do not impact students’ learning trajectories as much as the quality of their teachers. In addition, teacher-based influences impact students’ performances throughout a significant span of their school careers. Teachers facilitate the process whereby students cultivate habits of mind and knowledge schemes that are prerequisites for success, meaningful contributions and prosperity in an open, technological world. This makes effective teacher training of paramount importance in the cultivation of an educated citizenry within this country.

Training Programs for Educators


ICT/Technology Based Training Programs:

  • Microsoft Certified Educator
  • Microsoft Word for Teachers
  • Microsoft Excel for Teachers
  • Microsoft Power Point for Teachers
  • Advanced Microsoft World for Teachers
  • Microsoft empowered training sessions for Educators.
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel for Teachers
  • Advanced Microsoft Power Point for Teachers
  • Microsoft One Note Training for Educators
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer – MS Office
  • HTML 5 Programing for Educators
  • Google Docs for Educators
  • Level 1: Beginners Level -Training program for Educators to Support Digital Learning in Schools
  • Level 2: Intermediate Level- Training program for Educators to Support Digital Learning in Schools
  • Level 3: Advanced Level -Training program for Educators to Support Digital Learning in Schools
  • App Development Fundamentals for Educators
  • Applications of Gaming to Learning through - Minecraft Education
  • Programing with C#
  • Programing through touch development
  • And Many More…..

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Applications are open for schools to enrol and qualify for the Sankalp -Microsoft Innovative Schools Program in India.
Last date for completion of all qualifications and enrolment requirements for the current drive is 31st Dec, 2016.